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CityGem offers a wide range of solutions for local people, those involved in urban mobility, health, well-being and aging well, accommodation facilities and companies wishing to offer audio guided tours to let their inhabitants, partners, customers and employees (re)discover simply and pleasantly the gems around them, while respecting the environment and promoting physical activity and soft mobilities.

CityGem’s features :
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The app to enhance

CityGem creates for you urban and rural walking routes that help you enhance your heritage, improve your attractiveness, digitize your service offer and encourage the use of soft mobilities.

paysage ville de Saint-Malo
Personnes à trottinettes BIRD sur les quais

Increase use and improve customer experience

We create for you routes that will help your users discover the territory’s gems from you vehicles

Make the difference and boost
your sales !

Offer an additional service to distinguish yourself from your rivals and to improve customer experience. CityGem creates routes of audio guided walks, kick scooter or bike rides… to offer your customers. They will help them discover easily and with full autonomy the surroundings (heritage, restaurants, shopping).

Personnes à la réception d'un hôtel demandant conseil à la conciergerie
Ceux qui prennent soins de vous
Those you take
care of us

The app that makes your patients want to get moving.

We create and enable you to offer audio guided cultural walks adapted to each person’s ability, which make you want to get moving and do something good for yourself, both physically and mentally.

They trust us


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Réduire l'empreinte carbone du tourisme

Saviez-vous que 80% de l’emprunte carbone du tourisme provient des déplacements, alors que nous sommes entouré de centaines de merveilles à moins de 100km de chez nous.


Chez CityGem nous avons à cœur de vous donner envie de faire du tourisme local. Nous avons déniché pour vous toutes les pépites de votre ville, de votre région et nous vous proposons de les découvrir de la manière la plus simple et la plus agréable possible.